Uncommon Bicentennial Quarter Valuing Almost $350 Million: 5 Additional Pieces Worth Over $786K USD 

Recently, the numismatic community was electrified by the discovery of an uncommon bicentennial quarter, soaring in value to almost $350 million. 

This remarkable find has sent shockwaves through the coin collecting world, sparking renewed interest in overlooked treasures lurking in collections worldwide. 

Minted in 1976 to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the United States, it features a unique design on the reverse side, showcasing the iconic image of the Liberty Bell superimposed with the moon. 

While millions of these quarters were produced, this particular specimen stands out due to a rare error in the minting process. 

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Experts believe that during the striking of this specific quarter, a misalignment occurred, resulting in a doubled die error.  

This means that the design elements on the coin were imprinted twice, creating a distinct doubling effect visible to the naked eye.  

Such errors are exceedingly rare in the realm of coin production, making this bicentennial quarter a true anomaly. 

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