Unusual Bicentennial Quarter Is Worth Almost $90K, Plus Five More Are Very Valuable  

Imagine stumbling upon a seemingly ordinary quarter, only to discover it holds a value far beyond its face. 

Such is the case with the unusual bicentennial quarter, a coin that has garnered attention for its rarity and substantial worth.  

But it’s not alone in its allure; several other coins hold significant value, making coin collecting a thrilling endeavor for enthusiasts and investors alike. 

The spotlight shines brightly on the bicentennial quarter, a coin that commemorates America’s 200th anniversary.  

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Minted in 1976, these quarters feature a unique design on the reverse side, showcasing a drummer boy and the thirteen stars representing the original colonies.  

While millions of these quarters were produced, one particular variety has captured collectors’ fascination—the “double die” variety. 

One of the key factors contributing to the rarity of these quarters is their limited mintage.  

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