USA foods to eat in the evening to improve sleep quality  

A good night's sleep can help you wake up feeling fresh and rejuvenated, which is why we all want to do everything we can to improve our sleep health 

Tart cherries Tart cherries, or tart cherry juice, can help you drift off at night because of their high concentration of melatonin 

A study in the European Journal of Nutrition found that drinking tart cherry juice resulted in significantly improved total sleep time

Malted milk Malted milk, such as Horlick’s, has long been used as a comforting evening drink.

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This is because malt barley is a complex carbohydrate, and also contains vitamin B and D, which are thought to aid sleep.

Kiwis Another fruit that might help you get a good night’s sleep is kiwi.

They are rich in vitamins and minerals, and more than one scientific study has suggested they aid sleep.

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