USA Low-Energy Dog Breeds That Are Ideal For Low-Energy Humans 

Sturdy And Tiny Boston Terriers It's hard to believe that Boston Terriers were once pit-fighters. Today, they're gentle and loving dogs.

They're easy to train and only require short walks. Because Boston Terriers can't handle cold weather, many become indoor dogs.

Lhasa Apso Is A Lazy Guard Dog Lhasa Apsos used to guard the temples and monasteries of Tibet. Today, they still act as guard dogs--but they're also happy and even-tempered. 

Since they're small dogs, Lhasa Apsos only need a few brief walks a day and can stay inside, even in tiny homes and apartments.

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Cuddle With A Corgi Pembroke Welsh Corgis are popular dogs for their small stature and cheerful demeanor

Although they're full of energy, Corgis don't need more exercise than other small dogs. They need around two short walks a day and playtime while inside. 

Glen Of Imaal Terriers Want To Work At two feet tall, Glen of Imaal Terriers are stumpy and sturdy. They also have a big heart and a feisty personality. 

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