USA's Most Rare German Shepherd Colors  

Deep Red Red is the result of a recessive gene, but it’s pretty common, especially in a sable pattern that replaces the German Shepherdâ

In general, geneticists note that red is one of the least recessive of the recessive genes, so to speak

Fawn Fawn-colored German Shepherds are fairly rare, but have been around for a long time.

In many cases, they show up in litters when white German Shepherds breed with another color, suggesting a subsequent genetic mutation. 

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Black While popular among pet owners, only 6.8 percent of German Shepherds are all black.

Unlike white or other light colored German Shepherds, the American Kennel Club recognizes and allows all black German Shepherds

White White-coated German Shepherds are the result of a recessive gene, making them fairly uncommon

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