USA's Popular Dog Breeds That May Be Risky If Inadequately Trained  

Dachshunds Are Hunters While Dachshunds may be small, they'll still bite if they're provoked. 

As hunter dogs, Dachshunds can naturally turn aggressive if they aren't socialized or trained properly.

Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania labeled Dachshunds as the most aggressive breed, especially toward their owners and other dogs.

Are Pit Bulls As Bad As Their Reputation? The myth that Pit Bulls are aggressive has some statistical backing. 

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According to's 13-year study, pit bulls were involved in 66% of America's fatal dog attacks.

Researchers also bring up some evidence that aggressive people are more likely to own "aggressive" breeds, according to Forbes.

Chihuahuas Are More Aggressive Than Pit Bulls In 2016, the website Dognition asked subscribers to rate how aggressively their dogs acted.

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