What Morgan Silver Dollars Are Worth the Most? 

These coins, named after their designer George T. Morgan, hold a special place in the hearts of collectors and investors alike.  

Among the vast array of Morgan Silver Dollars, some stand out as particularly valuable and sought after by enthusiasts.  

Let's delve into the world of numismatics and explore the most valuable Morgan Silver Dollars. 

Known as the "King of Morgan Dollars," the 1893-S is the undisputed leader in terms of rarity and value.  

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In mint condition, the 1893-S Morgan Silver Dollar can command astronomical prices at auctions, making it a crown jewel in any collection. 

The Carson City Mint produced some of the most sought-after Morgan Silver Dollars, and the 1889-CC is no exception.  

With a low mintage of just over 350,000 coins, this issue is highly scarce, especially in higher grades.  

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