Which American Vodka Is the Best? A Svedka, Stoli, Grey Goose, and Other Drinks Taste Tested  

any old vodka will do, since you likely won’t taste its flavor, even as it enhances the aroma and flavors of your sauce.

Vodka should start out colder than hell frozen over, no matter how you’re enjoying it. We froze our 11 bottles until they were frosty.

Vodka is happy to live in your freezer indefinitely; its freezing point (about -16°F) is below the temperatures of most freezers (usually around 0°F).

There are hundreds of brands of vodka out there—from craft-made to ultra-rare special editions, to candy-flavored varieties.

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We stayed away from those and instead looked at the most popular vodka brands across the US based on sales data. 

We also put a call out to the Bon Appétit staff asking their preferred vodkas. After distilling (pun!) all this information, we narrowed down to 11 picks.

This taste test covers the vodkas you’ll find in most liquor stores and bars, so you can choose the best bottle in any environment—from your local dive

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