Which Quarter Is the Most Valuable?  

While most quarters are worth their face value or a bit more to collectors, there are a few rare gems that can fetch a pretty penny. 

Among these rare finds, one stands out as the holy grail for collectors and numismatists alike.  

So, what’s the most valuable quarter? Let’s delve into the fascinating world of numismatics to uncover this elusive treasure. 

The year was 1932, and the United States Mint was preparing to celebrate the bicentennial of George Washington's birth by issuing a commemorative quarter.  

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Designed by John Flanagan, this quarter featured a left-facing bust of Washington on the obverse and an eagle on the reverse. 

Little did anyone know at the time that this seemingly ordinary coin would become the cornerstone of every serious coin collection. 

What sets the 1932 Washington quarter apart from its counterparts is not just its historical significance but its rarity.  

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