Why Do Most Relationships End After 6 Months?

Notably, the six-month milestone frequently serves as a critical juncture, heralding the strengthening or weakening of a bond.  

Recognizing why numerous relationships encounter difficulties or terminate during this period necessitates an examination of multiple determinants, such as compatibility, communication, and personal development. 

When we sense a connection with another person, oxytocin is produced, and a new romantic partner floods our bodies with this “love hormone 

The chemical is continually produced as we investigate new activities and intimacy with a new partner, as a result of the novelty of the relationship. 

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The identical hormone that binds mothers to their infants also exists in women. 

A research study from 2021 demonstrates that elevated levels of oxytocin during the initial months of a romantic relationship may serve as an indicator of potential for a lasting romantic partnership. 

Some of the more significant concerns, such as jealousy or neediness, may be obscured by the initial exhilaration and boundary-setting, regardless of whether you are the Drama Queen or he is the Divo. 

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