Worth almost $200 million USD, the two most valuable standing liberty quarters  

Among these coveted treasures are the Standing Liberty quarters, which hold a special place in the hearts of coin collectors and enthusiasts alike. 

While all Standing Liberty quarters are prized possessions, there are two in particular that command attention for their extraordinary value, collectively worth almost $200 million USD. 

The 1916 Standing Liberty quarter holds the distinction of being one of the most sought-after coins in American numismatic history.  

What makes the 1916 Standing Liberty quarter so valuable is its rarity. With a mintage of just 52,000, it's a true rarity in the world of coin collecting.  

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Furthermore, the design underwent modifications due to public outcry over its perceived indecency, resulting in a new version with a raised chain mail covering Liberty's exposed breast.  

This further limited the number of original 1916 quarters in circulation, adding to their scarcity and desirability among collectors. 

In pristine condition, the 1916 Standing Liberty quarter can fetch astronomical prices at auctions and private sales.  

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